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Performing of building projects both by investing (providing land, infrastructure, construction licences and technical services) or executing the projects as a contractor or contractor manager are main field of omid activities.

other omid activities  may be listed as follow:
– provide and preparing the lands for residential , commercial , town and hotel constructional projects. offer feasibility studies.
– fundraising from people or organizations for big projects.
– export & import of goods, services and related economical operation both inland and abroad.

Improving the position of omid among the best real state construction companies and performing 500000 sq. meters building annually.

improving sales volume in direct with developing of construction technology as well as environment and user friendly with minimum impact to nature and resources, is another goals of omid co.

Business activities according to the articles of association:

The company’s business activities as an economic enterprise according to the articles of association is investment in economic activities in the fields of agriculture, natural resources and other related and job creating industries and also civil activities such as construction and providing all technical and engineering services and all related business activities.

Currently, among the above activities, the company is exclusively active in the construction of residential, office, commercial and tourism in eight provinces of the country. The field of activity of the company is mainly in Tehran and it has also established offices in the cities of Mashhad, Bandar Abbas, Isfahan, Tabriz, Urmia, Ahvaz, Qom and Shiraz. Qom is concentrated. However, most of the company’s activities outside of Tehran are concentrated in the cities of Tabriz, Karaj and Mashhad, Isfahan, and Qom.

One of the most important policies outlined for the company’s activities by the Assembly and the Board of Directors is the implementation of projects with the participation of the private sector. After buying the land and obtaining a license, the company then choses a partner by putting advertisements in widely circulated newspapers. Currently a number of projects in the northern areas of Tehran are under construction, which are mainly with the participation of the private sector.

In the construction of projects, financing the construction and implementation of the project is the responsibility of the partners, who are mainly specialists and construction contractors. Also other supervision exercised by the company include performing the required tests regarding concrete, metal and strength of consumable materials, quality control and quality of materials imported to the workshop and its compliance with private technical specifications attached to contracts, the process of making construction drawings through a consultant in coordination with the company and notifying the partner, setting up a temporary and definitive delivery commission and tracking the project in order to eliminate the defects of the works during the implementation and at the time of project delivery, supervising the observance of safety criteria and employing skilled manpower by the partner and establishing a resident supervisor from the beginning to the end.

Finally, after completing the construction and division of the parties, the company sells its share production units -with special conditions- through a public auction.

Being among the s best bulding construction company in iran in aspects of sales volume and construction area.

providing high quality, Environment and user friendly bulding for all people , to improve their life quality , by investing on potential lands.

By putting the general policies announced by Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader at the forefront, and maintaining the dignity of human resources in order to strengthen the spirit of collective participation, Omid Construction and Development Company is willing to take steps to fulfill its obligations to stakeholders.


Omid Development and Construction Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was registered in the Tehran Companies Registration Office under the number 148360 in 1998 as a profitable economic complex and relying on preserving the values ​​of the Islamic Revolution, and in 1389 succeeded in obtaining ISO 2008 certification – 9001 from the German company TUV.

The capital of the company was 2 billion Rials at the beginning of its establishment, which with the approval of the assembly, the capital of the company was increased by 106 billion Rials and in the reported period, following the approval of the capital increase in the amount of 510 billion Rials in the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 1/6/2005, in the first stage, the capital increase in the amount of 183,273,500,000 Rials was approved and legally registered, and the company’s capital on the balance sheet date is 289,273,500,000 Rials, divided into 2,892,735 shares each worth one hundred thousand Rials. In the second stage, the Board of Directors proposed a capital increase of 220,726,700,000 Rials, which is currently undergoing the legal formalities of recording the minutes, and after approval, it will be legally registered. It is worth mentioning that 100% of the company’s shares belong to Tadbir Development and Construction Group. The capital of the company according to the minutes dated 7/7/2020 is 35317 million shares each worth 1000 Rials.